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December 2000
Season’s Greetings!

We trust that this letter finds you well and blessed. In spite of our best efforts to get this in the mail on Thanksgiving weekend, we never seem to hit the mark. But we don’t regret a full Christmas season filled with activity and festivity as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.

Overshadowing our year was the passing away of Dan’s father in February. "Papa" was almost 80 and lived a long, full life. We are thankful that his passing was peaceful in his sleep, but we miss him terribly. He was wonderful person, a true patriot, a friend to all, and a great dad and grandpa.

God has continued to grace our family with health, provision, and spiritual blessings. We are so thankful for his love. We know you’re busy, so we’ve provided a fast-skimming glimpse of our year. And please visit our family website for photos and lots of other interesting stuff.

We pray that you and yours enjoy a truly blessed Christmas and a great 2001.

The Simpsons – Dan, Dena, Micah, Anna & Christa
Azusa, California

Family at a Glance:


- Begins 6th year at Fuller Theological Seminary’s Office of Continuing Education
- Pastoral ministry at Christian Family Center


- Part-time librarian at Hodge Elementary School
- Treasurer for newly formed P.T.A.
- Continues in Library Science program at Citrus College


- 17, senior in high school, V.P. of senior class
- Played varsity football - League champs!
- Finishing Eagle Scout requirements
- Worked summer as life guard at city pool
- Skateboarder!


- 14, freshman in high school
- Plays flute in marching band
- Played on J.V. tennis team - League champs!


- 10, 5th grade
- Learning saxophone
- Girl Scout
- Had fun in city softball league and on swim team

Visit our family website
Year 2000 at a Glance:

- Recover from Y2K hype
- Dan & Dena attend church staff retreat

- Dan’s father passes away
Edwin Simpson: June 18, 1920 - February 3, 2000

- Dena & Christa fly to Sacramento for 4th grade field trip

- Anna & Christa moved into newly remodeled bedroom

- Whole family goes camping at Cachuma Lake with the church, including visit to Solvang

- Dan & Dena celebrate wedding anniversary - 22 years!
- Anna graduates from Jr. High

- Lots of summer activity!!

- Anna spends a week at church camp
- Christa & Dena back to school

- Micah & Anna back to school

- Anna & Christa march in Azusa Golden Days parade
- Christa & Dan go to Legoland

- Dan & Dena attend Cleansing Stream retreat
- High school football season ends, for whole family!
- Spent Thanksgiving with Dena's dad, "Umpa"

- Christa goes to outdoor science camp for a week
- Christmastime - fully engaged in the season!