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The Simpson Family Quiz Facts

  • Dan [married Dena; have three kids: Micah, Anna, Christa]
    - became an Eagle Scout in 1972, built this website, played trumpet, earned a hiking merit badge, has a master's degree, was decorated by General Curtis E. LeMay
  • Dena [married Dan; have three kids: Micah, Anna, Christa]
    - was born in Pasadena, taught kindergarten, is the most awesome wife in the world
  • Micah [oldest child of Dan and Dena]
    - earned an aviation merit badge (among many others!), became an Eagle Scout in 2001, played varsity football
  • Anna [second child of Dan and Dena]
    - played the flute (and still does), played highschool tennis
  • Christa [youngest child of Dan and Dena]
    - plays with Polly Pockets, is in Girl Scouts
  • Popa [Edwin Simpson ~ June 18, 1920--February 3, 2000 ~ the patriarch of the Simpson clan - father of Rusty, David, Peggy, Dan, Bev, Norm]
    - had six kids and 16 grandkids
  • Nancy - was born in Minnesota
  • David - was in the U.S. Navy
  • Darlene - lives in Bakersfield, was married to Paul David
  • Rusty - had red hair, worked in radio
  • Judy - works for a cement company, married a redhead [Rusty]
  • Casy - cuts hair for a living, has a sister named Kelly
  • Ralph - is Casy's dog
  • Peggy - was born in Illinois, worked as a phone operator
  • Beverly - worked for Knott's Berry Farm, is married to Jeff, nickname is 'Beever'
  • Norm - drove a tow truck, nickname was No-No
  • Huckleberry - was the family dog
  • Stubs - was a cat [one of four formerly residing with Dan and Dena and family]
  • Homer - works in a power plant, heads a cartoon family
  • Marge - has blue hair, has the maiden name, Bouvier, is married to Homer
  • Lisa - plays a mean saxophone
  • Bart - is Springfield's number one delinquent, voice is played by Nancy Cartwright
  • Maggie - sucks a pacifier, is forever a one-year old
  • Ulysses - has 'Simpson' for a middle name, was a general [Ulysses S. Grant - no family relation]

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