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Lookouts - visited

Castro Peak (Santa Monica Mtns) - Relocated to Henninger Flats (ANF)
Johnstone Peak (ANF) - Relocated to LA Fairplex
Keller Peak (SBNF)
Keller Peak, US#028 CA#01 (NHLR)
Strawberry Peak (SBNFA)
Strawberry Peak, US#293 CA#26 (NHLR)
Vetter Mountain (ANFFLA)
Vetter Mountain, US#294 CA#27 (NHLR)
Vetter Mountain Lookout Interp Site (ANF)

Lookout sites - visited

South Mount Hawkins (ANF)
South Mount Hawkins (ANFFLA)
South Mount Hawkins, US 295, CA 28 (NHLR)
Sunset Peak (ANF)
San Gabriel Peak (ANF)
Mount Islip (ANF)

Lookouts - to visit

Black Mountain (SBNFA)
Black Mountain, US 289, CA 22 (NHRL)
Buckrock ( Sequoia National Forest
Butler Peak (SBNFA)
Butler Peak, US 92, CA 25 (NHLR)
Duncan Peak (Little Bald Mountain) US 590, CA 61 - Tahoe National Forest (NHLR)
Grouse Ridge, US 283, CA 17 - Tahoe National Forest (NHLR)
Grouse Ridge Fire Lookout (Lake Tahoe Lookouts)
Martis Peak, US 277, CA 12 - Tahoe National Forest (NHLR)
Martis Peak Lookout (Kevin's Hiking Pages)
Morton Peak (SBNFA)
Morton Peak, US 673, CA 78 (NHRL)
Red Mountain (SBNFA)
Red Mountain, US 290, CA 23 (NHRL)
Slide Mountain Lookout (ANFFLA)
Tahquitz Peak (SBNFA)
Tahquitz Peak, US 291, CA 24 (NHLR)

Lookout sites - to visit

Lookout Mountain (6812') - ANF (
Lookout Mountain (6812') - ANF (
Mount Gleason (ANF) US 557, CA 9 (NHLR)
Pine Mountain (4539') - ANF
Pine Mountain (4539') (

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