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San Gabriel Peak (6161')
and Mount Disappointment (5960'), Mount Markhan (5742'),
and Mount Lowe (5603') via Eaton Saddle
Angeles National Forest / Southern California

camera Photos: January 6, 2006   San Gabriel Peak Hike Report

San Gabriel Peak (6161') has the distinction of being the second highest peak in the front range of the San Gabriel Mountains, second only to its near neighbor to the north, Strawberry Peak (6164'). Its pointy summit makes it easy to spot on the skyline. I decided to hit several peaks for the day, each with its own storied past.

8:05 - Eaton Saddle (5110')

View north toward San Gabriel Peak

View north toward San Gabriel Peak

9:07 - San Gabriel Peak (6161')

View southwest toward Mt. Lowe in the foreground, and beyond, the LA skyline, Palisades Peninsula, Catalina and other Channel Islands, and the vast Pacific Ocean.

View north toward Strawberry Peak (6164') and Mt. Lawlor (5957')

View east toward snow-covered Mt. Baldy at the other end of the range. Twin Peaks stands majestically off to the left in the middle of the range

View west toward Tom Sloan, JPL, Glendale, Griffith Park and the Hollywood Hills and the ocean beyond

View northwest through brush with a glimpse of Mt. Disappointment

View southeast toward Mt. Wilson (5710') with San Jacinto in the distance left and Saddleback to the right

Me with the northeast view behind me

10:10 - Leave San Gabriel Peak

View northwest toward Mt. Disappointment

View southwest toward Mt. Markham and Mt. Lowe with Bear Canyon in the foreground

10:33 - Mt. Disappointment (5960')

View southeast toward San Gabriel Peak, with some of the communications facility in the foreground and Saddleback on the right horizon

View southwest toward Bear Canyon and Tom Sloan Saddle

View east toward the communications equipment with snow-covered Mt. Baldy in the distance

10:50 - Leave Mt. Disappointment

View east from switchback on San Gabriel Peak's south ridge

11:18 - Markham Saddle, for the second time.

12:05 - Mount Markham (5742')

View south into the upper reaches of Eaton Canon

View east toward Eaton Saddle

View southeast toward Mt. Wilson and Mt. Harvard with their array of communications and astronomical equipment

Jim and Jim -- View northeast toward with Mt. Lukens (5074') to left of them

Bird's-eye view north down to Markham Saddle and above toward Mt. Disappointment

View north toward the face of San Gabriel Peak

View southeast toward Eaton Canyon and Mt. Wilson from the midsection of Mt. Markham

1:47 - Mt. Lowe (5603'), my fourth and final peak for the day.

over my shoulder looking southwest from Mt. Lowe

northeast toward San Gabriel Peak and Mt. Markham from Mt. Lowe

Muller Tunnel

San Gabriel Peak Hike Report

Hiked: January 6, 2006

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