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Below are some key links that are particularly relevant to hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California, along with some links to hiking in general. Also on my individual hike description pages I've included some links that would be relevant to each particular hike.

Hiking Groups:

The most common question I receive is about hiking groups. Here is a list of several hiking groups in the area. Keep in mind that I am not officially affiliated with any of them nor am I specifically endorsing them or any of the views that they may hold:

Other Notable Links:

Facebook icon Hiking in the San Gabriels by Dan Simpson - An interactive community Facebook by focusing on hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains by Dan Simpson. Has numerous links to other community Facebook pages related to hiking and the San Gabriels.

  • Angeles National Forest Official Website - Provides lots of information about the forest including closures, permits, campgrounds, etc. This site is not too helpful in providing hiking information.

  • San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders - Since 1984, The San Gabriel Mountains Trail Builders, an all-volunteer public service organization, has been dedicated to constructing and maintaining hiking trails in the San Gabriel Mountains' Angeles National Forest in Southern California.

  • Links to Various Trail Organizations - List of groups from around the country

  • Mt. Wilson Towercam - Mounted high on the 150-foot solar tower, this live cam refreshes every four minutes. Provided by UCLS's Department of Physics and Astronomy, this camera serves up great views from the front range of the San Gabriels. Good source of current weather conditions.

  • Peakbagger.com - A non-commercial website driven by a huge dynamic database presents information, statistics, and maps for mountain peaks and ranges of the world. Registered users can log their ascents, post trip reports, and track their climbs.

  • TheTrailMaster.com - John McKinney (aka The Trailmaster) has authored at least 20 books about hiking, parklands, and nature. For 18 years he wrote a hiking column for the Los Angeles Times and now continues to write for various print and online publications. John's website and blog is a great sampling of his work, loaded with help for hikers. I particularly enjoy his pieces, Homage to Switchbacks and Hiking Solo or with Companions.

  • Eaton Canyon Nature Center - A great place to learn about nature (1750 North Altadena Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107 / 626-398-5420). They have a helpful online catalog of 58 plant species of Eaton Canyon.

  • Calfora.net (not associated with CalFlora.org), authored by Michael L. Charters, is an amazing website that provides treatments on nearly 2,300 plants. It is primarily list-driven, so it is most helpful if you already know a name of the plant you are studying. His field trips photo galley, however, features plant photos along various trails, which can be helpful in spotting a plant that you may be looking for. I have visited this site often and have been greatly helped by it.

  • Hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains - Professor Tom Chester has created an extensive website for hiking in the San Gabriels. This had been my most visited site when needing info about local hikes. However, he has done very little updating of the site in recent years, but it still has tons of information. Field Guide to the San Gabriel Mountains - by Tom Chester and Jane Strong. A wealth of information on plants, bugs, road conditions, weather, and more.

  • American Hiking Society - As the national voice for America's hikers, American Hiking Society promotes and protects foot trails, their surrounding natural areas, and the hiking experience.

  • Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation.

  • SmokeyBear.com - The Official website. "Only you can prevent wildfires!"

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