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for~um n - a venue for expressing ones views publicly.

  Bush Say No to War - A letter to the President (11-8-02). I keep this letter posted to say, "I told you so." Going to war in Iraq was wrong. Now we are seeing the fruit of that bad decision.
  Carl's Say NO to Carl's Jr. and their sleazy ads - They're at it again! Express your disapproval of using sex to sell hamburgers. (5-22-05)
  No fireworks End the Fireworks Nightmare in Azusa - Update May 24, 2005. In 2006 the city council adopted some tough new measures to deal with the fireworks problems.
  Asusa YES Azusa! Yes on Measure A & B, Monrovia Nursery Master Plan - Dan's remarks to the city council. (The Measure passed on May 4, 2004 and the project is well underweigh.)
  Church Creating a Church Website - And avoid 12 Common Errors - Practical article by Dan Simpson.
  Hoax Help Curb Internet Hoaxes - Article and links by Dan Simpson
  Coke A Soda a Day Keeps the Vitamins Away - ABC story by Janice Billingsley (11-11-02)

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